Kingdom Faith Empowerment Center was placed in the heart and mind of Dr. Hollie Mayes on March 2016. “The Kingdom” as we are often called, is a non-denominational organization dedicated to growing believers in Christ and educating the leaders and people of God. We do not have regards of race, background, ethnicity, age, or gender. We are lovers of people and believers in Jesus Christ.

“The Kingdom”came to creation after experiencing multiple organizations in various leadership positions and authoritative offices, it was time for a new direction. God placed the vision and mission of KFFC on paper in May 2016, and was started with 3 people at the helm, these great men include, Bishop Robert Harrison, Bishop Hollie Mayes, and Bishop Rodney Bennett. This was the beginning of the Executive Council of Kingdom Faith Fellowship of Churches. Within a year, God has blessed us to grow in leaders and in faithful, God Fearing men and women, that are dedicated to the vision and the mission of “The Kingdom”.

As of now, there are 4 jurisdictions within the organization, Texas, Northern California, and East & West Oklahoma. We have also been blessed to extend our fellowship internationally to our NEW ministries in Northern India. This organization is growing and we are encouraged to continue to be faithful in Christ and continue to build and establish good roots throughout the world. As of June 2017, the establishment of the Apostolic Council was in place. This council was formed to establish order and procedural, and doctrinal precision when it comes to the elevation process, who becomes a partner, coverings, and most of the decision making from a procedural standpoint.

Also, we have established our Executive Council, which is designed to lead the operation and day to day functions of the fellowship. This council is responsible for the business and legal aspect of the ministry to ensure proper following of all bylaws and constitutional laws. God has been so faithful and loving within the growth process of this organization and we look to the future for more growth in leadership, partnerships, and ministries. We encourage any organization, leader, ministry, or business to join us in our process of spreading the Word of God and building leaders and ministries throughout the world.

Bishop Hollie R. Mayes, D.Min
Presiding Prelate

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