BUILD. To build up organizations, ministries, and leaders to reach their full potential and destiny that is placed in them by God.
EDUCATE. To Educate our covenant partners, leaders, and supporters through various programs, webinars, and events.
LITURGY. To ensure that the proper protocols and etiquettes are maintained within the church and the organization.
INTERNATIONAL. To create and plant ministries, churches, and programs internationally.
ENCOURAGE. To continue to encourage leaders and people in our community and businesses by participating in various activities, such as, NAACP, Chamber of Commerce, Urban League, Local assemblies and churches, etc.

VISION. To continue to allow God to expand our vision and extend our territory by operating within the vision of the Visionary and the Executive Council of this Fellowship.
ELEVATION. To provide opportunities for leaders to excel and be elevated to different positions and offices based on a criteria of service, faithfulness, education, availability, and support. It is this fellowships priority to establish great leaders to be able to lead the flock and build future leaders.
RESOURCES. To provide various tools and resources for those that want extensive education or knowledge of particular areas and fields of the ministry. Our goal is always to provide the most resources for the questions of our churches, organizations, leaders, etc.
SACRIFICE. Sacrifice will be requested by all participants and expected of every partner. In order for anything to become great and remain great, it takes commitment from every participant. We encourage family time, personal time, and time for other ministry obligations, and we also encourage Kingdom Faith Fellowship of Churches time as well. When our time, talents, are treasures are cheerfully given, the sky is the limit!

Bishop Hollie R. Mayes, D.Min
Presiding Prelate

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